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Idaho Falls American Legion Baseball ... 2011

Tournament Information


July 17, 10:14 a.m.  Here is the schedule to determine tournament seeding:

1. Please update with Brett Taylor as soon as possible today and Saturday the results of any remaining games. Please let him know of any games that will not be played. We need to account for 32 games for each team.  Any games that will not be played will go down as a 1/2 win -1/2 loss for each team involved as far are figuring your winning percentage, unless there is a forfeit involved where you will have to let us know which team forfeited.

2. Tomorrow (Saturday July 18) at 4:00, I will meet with Greg Stultz to finalize game records using the completed and updated  record sheet. Any blank spots will be accounted as a 1/2 win- 1/2 loss for the teams involved.

3. We will determine the top 8 teams and those teams that will having a playin games on Monday. We will send out an e-mail and call the coaches involved in playin games tomorrow afternoon ( around 5:00 PM).

4. Playin games will be played at the team's field with the highest winning percentage and that team will be the home team.  Coaches involved are welcome to come up with some other mutually agreed upon arrangement if it will benefit them such as a neutral field to save travel time, etc. Home teams are responsible for making umpire arrangements.

5. Once final seedings are figured we will send out a e-mail to all with the tournament schedule and get it on the webpage ( as soon as possible through out web master, Kurt Hamman.

6. The tournament coaches meeting will be Tuesday (July 21) at 6:00 PM at Melaleuca Field Idaho Falls in the room behind the press box.(This location maybe subject to change as the Chukars have a game there at
7:15- I am seeing about getting you some tickets if you would like to stay for the game. Let me know if you want a ticket) Tournament information will be given out there and birth certificates will be checked by the district director, Bob Akins.  If you are not able to make that you need to make arrangements with Bob Akins (208-522-5902) to see him to get your birth certificates reviewed before your first game.